make it or break it hour

I'd say the most important time ever spent on cam is those moments of having an idle chatroom. How you handle this critical time is crucial to your success overall as a cam performer.

Even just several minutes of a stagnant room can drive you insane. Do you immediately change your game up? Do you struggle to make polite conversation with yourself or into the empty abyss? Emotions can run high when you are putting yourself out there, especially while naked and getting no feedback. Your demeanor during this time is everything. It's as if your whole camming career depended on this one... blank moment.

Most outsiders will not notice this as anything more than a passing moment but how you act will leave a lasting impression on them. If you play the wrong card when its quiet you might just ruin your whole show, or worse! It's not unsalvageable but people will remember this for a long time. If you beg for tips you become greedy, if you start dancing to your favorite song you look like a lunatic, if you talk to yourself... you also look crazy! There's really no right answer sometimes.

The best advice I can give is "just act natural". I'm not kidding.


How to be the best you! (on cam)


Even when the cam room is totally dead and not one person is talking you can still strike conversation to happen by talking to yourself out loud. Comment on what you are doing, the music, competitions going on, anything to get someone to ask a question or talk back. 

Keep conversations polite. Don't bring up things that you know will cause disputes between viewers like politics, strong opinions, or other debates. Bringing up tv shows and games can be a great neutral ground to start but also be aware of how much time is spent discussing these subjects. Time really can fly when you are having fun but sadly there are still goals to make.

Eat Sleep Cam Repeat

Live and breath this life. You are a cam girl the best investment you can make into this career is by spending time online. If not on cam then there are plenty of other ways to still have a presence online but not actually be there physically. The more content you put out on the internet the better chance you have at becoming more successful at camming. Just because it isn't on cam doesn't mean it doesn't get seen or talked about. 

Between making new videos, vlogs, live streams, blogging, reviews and tweeting there are lots of options to exist on the internet. Make sure to grab the username you use on each of the social media platforms available. Even if you don't think you'll use that site you still will want to keep your name from being taken by another model or user.

Be True to Yourself

What do you love when your not all sexed up from head to toe? Running? Cool me too! Getting your nails and hair done? Great! Now talk about it. Trust me, members want to know who you are off cam. 

Members want to know you are a person too, not just a persona that poofs when you log off for the night. Be real and let your emotions show. It's okay to get emotional sometimes, whether that means happy, angry, or in tears. Being human matters because it shows you can let down those barriers and let people in on a special moment. Camming is much more than flashing for tips.

Why Camming is the new porn

With clip sites taking over the internet , where is porn headed?

Porn is evolving with the internet and growing to be more and more mainstream every year. With the touch of a finger it's easy to start recording yourself and from there it's just a few steps of verification to become a model. With how simple it's become to sign up its no wonder that Manyvids and other clip stores alike are catching on like wildfire.

What makes it better?

It's a lot safer to please yourself and film it from home then at a strangers studio or home. Not to mention there is no fees to pay or worrying about legal complications from airbnb or hotel owners not wanting filming on their property. 

Agents are basically the leeches of the porn world. They are notorious for withholding phone numbers and their friends connections to make a buck off the gals hard work. These sites are giving back control to the model and allowing creativity to bloom while encouraging good habits along and ask for less of a split then most other sites on the web today.

Learning Curves

Let's face it. Camming and making videos isn't for everyone. It isn't easy or going to take off on day one or for not even for months at times. There's slow times and times you will loose your mind. 

These sites give back to us a thousand fold for what we give them. Instead of stringing us along for hopes and dreams they give us the best possible platform to produce quality work and help us in any way they can. 

Instead of charging fees, or encouraging us to ruin ourselves they promote living a healthy life and adding balance to the stress that comes with camming and adult work. This positive attitude is what is needed in porn today and will shift the industry forever.

Cam Drop

Cam drop aka burning out ; is the melancholy, exhausted, feeling that happens after a long periods of continous camming or after having an extremely successful night.

It's hard to avoid it and it's hard to predict it. We all get it at some point in time if we cam for a week or longer or take strenuous hours over whats routine. How can you see it coming or even avoid it in the first place?

In what ways can you prevent Cam Drop from happening?

  • Not Every show has to be a Cum Show

You don't always have to put on a porn-worthy performance. It can be as casual as talking with good friends and having a beer. There's no reason to wear yourself down and feel forced into the same clothes off, spanks, cumshow countdown methods.

  • Learn your body

Sometimes you can feel the energy drain start to happen. It can even happen when you are having a great night. It's OKAY to sign off early. You are not entitled to do a full cam show every night you are online. 


A lot of cammers have a problem of finding balance in their lives when adding camming into the mix. You want to win and push yourself as hard as possible but that's not always the best choice. You need a break. Going for rank each month, or higher placement in contests can be the #1 cause of 'Cam Drop'. You start to lose sleep from worrying about where you will be when you wake up and you forget to take care of yourself. Be healthy and you'll do a lot better in the longer run!

A fresh start is just the very next day!

Despite doing everything you can to prevent Cam Drop , it can happen to the best of us. Don't beat yourself over it. No time is wasted time if you spend it online or the occasional "treat yo self" day. Trust that there is always going to be a new day to try again if things don't go perfect.