Advice Column JULY 19'


"Philosophy on Life"?

Something akin to - figure it out along the way. 

"How do you unwind from all of the sexual side of life"?

Unwinding is easy. Camming unwinds me in a way. Its a big build up then a nice comforting pillow talk time afterwards, its rare to go without that part unless I am pressed for time. To release myself for socializing and the rush I sometimes spend enough time in the shower until the water turns cold. Other times I watch a movie that I've seen a dozen times already and zone out, have a snack and bed not long after. I love getting lost in a  book at rare times but its never easy to find one that good.

"My girlfriend is into exhibition and ddlg , how can I please her the most"? -trackpadloves..

It's always good to say the simple "ask her she knows better" but I'm sure that's not what we've come here to read. With the ddlg nature of things I'd stress not to do anything exhibition-y in a public space such as a park. Although it seems really hot, getting a sex offender charge is not. Try fetlife events, look up the local swinger scene. Even if you aren't into couple swapping ect they are usually great places to find a safe space to explore these kinks or even join an informational panel about it. Generally ddlg is easier to cater to, a simple trip to the local toy store or getting the surprise pacifier and setting cutesy things like bedtimes, little chores will please this side greatly. Good luck!

"Ever had an orgasm purely from anal? What was it like the first time?"-trapper

Yes I have. It's really difficult to achieve. It haven't had it "free hand" errr without some form of my own manual stimulation on the sweet spot along with anal but i'm sure its possible with good aim. It takes awhile, and I've only been admittedly very sloppy drunk to get there but if my memory serves right it was mind blowing.

"How long is too long to wait on a woman that only talks to you when she needs something?" -thandrake

I wouldn't give that one more than a minute. How far is the relationship progressed? Workmates, casual acquaintance, just friends or more? Relationships of any kind are a two way street. If no effort outside basically using you for errands is made then there isn't much there to begin with. If you don't share more words in conversation than "I need X" then I would stop picking up the phone to see if they will notice.

"How do I rub the clit and get down doggy style at the same time?" wozniakjonathan

AH a tricky but satisfying position if done correctly. It can be very awkward. You have two options if YOU want to do the work , either attempt to reach over her back in between the thighs or loose a few inches of depth and shove a hand in between the thighs slamming - either way you are stuck guessing about where approximately this magic spot is. 

How about give her a ... toy? She can find it much easier herself and you can pound away at your leisure. I will say its SO much more fulfilling when a guy focuses on his rhythm when you are trying to cum. If you want that wonderful pulsing together, try telling her gently to start building up, when she is close she can guide your hand down to finish or finish off herself as you do too!

Advice Column June 19'


"Dildos or Buttplugs?" - ceramicbuttstuff

Ah... the age old question.. Both have their benefits and use. It's almost impossible to choose as each one is a different, unique sensation of it's own. It's apples to oranges. 

If this was one of those "life or death" hypothetical questions where I have to give a response then... I'm gonna go with Dildo.

 A dildo is more versatile. You can stick it in your pussy, you can stick in your ass, you can suck on it, you can wave it around in the air like a sword. Mainly, its a flexible toy. A good one really should be flexible. The right dildo is a huge game changer to any orgasm. As much as I love butt plugs I'll still have a few fingers free to finger my ass when I pick the dildo.

"What do you like most about giving head?" - wozniakjonathan

The control. I'm good at it. I'm not the best by all means, There's things I'm still working on but I like impressing not only my partner but myself. 

When I suck dick I space off. I don't really think about the moment. It's zen. My own mediation. It doesn't really matter if its dick-dick or dildo-dick. Dick is dick and I love zoning out to it. It's really refreshing!

"What made you decide to be a camgirl?" - themicrobiologywolf

 There was never much inner debate on whether or not it was the right choice, I just knew I wanted to be one. I saw cam girls on pop up ads, the kind that work in studios with little fake bedroom set ups and with everything in me I just knew its that was what I was going to do. I can only remember one friend of a friend who said it was stupid at the time.

 I grew up in a peculiar upbringing. My family was always extremely liberal about raising me to choose my own path, they opted to allow me to choose if I wanted to go to Church or not, and things of that nature. My mom actually stripped for a time before she picked nursing back up so "sexy" jobs weren't unheard of to me either.

 With no qualms it wasn't really a second thought. I went through and loved it. I tried a few different sites but Chaturbate has always been my favorite.

"I've been really depressed about a break up. I see this girl all the time how do I get better?"

 Healing takes time. It's agonizing, frustrating, and painful every step of the way. Sometimes you never completely feel better no matter how hard you try but life goes on. 

 If you don't reach out for happiness nobody can help you. You've gotta get out of the mucky pit you are in and remove yourself from as much envrement shared as possible. On a campus, or taking the same classes can make this difficult.

 Read new books, watch different movies, try to branch out and focus on new aspects in life. Distractions will ease the mind and take it off those thoughts as much as possible. 

 With the warmest regards, I hope that you will find peace soon. 

"How did you find the furry fandom?" -eight_da_wolf

 One of my first "boyfriends" in middle school was a self proclaimed furry. For many years through-out my middle school years I didn't have internet, thus my knowledge of furries was super limited. I saw his drawings of "yiff" and some normal stuff on paper and really didn't think anything of it. I heard jokes growing up but everyone teases each other so I didn't know the stigma behind furry either.

 After that I didn't meet any furries in real life for a long time. I started camming right after leaving high school and didn't think back about it until I started getting into pet play. The progression started from there. I got more curious, started looking at art more often... decided to make my own character.

 I still didn't join the furry fandom until just 1.5-2 years ago "officially". Only then did I start commissioning art, and getting the ideas in my head inked on digital paper. I've really fallen in love with the whole thing.

"Favorite sex toy?" -eintar_kasai

 LELO (sorya model preferably but i'm not picky!) hands down. No contest as far as vibrators go. My taste in dildo changes with the season and butt plug I can go with or without.

 I always find bigger devices more difficult and needless to use. A pocket rocket is just as effective, if not less tiresome on the hands.