who are you?!

Thanks for reading this far...

 In short I'm just one small blip on the internet's vast expanse and I call my home Chaturbate. I'm a small talker, entertainer, comedian, and deviant all wrapped up in to a pretty package.  

 I spend my nights on cam and my days filming my self pleasuring in increasingly imaginative scenarios that I think up. During the rare hours you can get me away from a computer and offline I'll happily devour a book or two and watch just about any corny scifi flick.

 They say stick with doing what you love and as hard as it is to wrap your head around I do LOVE camming. I was hooked the day I started and have stuck with it since. I hope to ride this one out with you guys and see how far we can go together.

My cam room mentality is to have an environment that you can escape to, a special place your comfortable enough to talk freely. I don't judge you and you can be yourself, however freaky and weird that might be! We're all adults here so let's act like it and let loose once in awhile. 


How/When did you start camming?

I became a webcam model after I turned 18 years old. After finding them through porn sites I just knew I wanted to try it. My first show was in a closet with a hair brush & now I have over 500,000 followers.

Why Chaturbate?

 Chaturbate is my home. I've been with CB for a few years and never felt as close or had a "family" like I do there. Although I have used a couple other sites in the past they didn't compare. 

What conventions will you be attending (2017-2018)?

Denfur 2018

More info here  https://twitter.com/denfurco

Do you take privates or offer custom videos or sell panties?

 Privates are very exclusive. Taken only a couple times per year. I do not offer custom videos nor do I sell panties. 

Snapchat and Snapchat Premium?

 - Snapchat is just a one time 500 token payment. You will never have to tip again for it.

- I allow screen shots and sending nude pictures back is okay. 

- All new pictures are always posted on My Story. 

- Additional requests such as specific pictures or videos are for extra payment. 

Premium is 10,000 tokens and allows for one on one talking, all pictures are sent directly to you and super secret updates are for Premium eyes only.